A variety of the design seo factors 

See skiera/ spann, pp. -. Log files click stream analysis conversion numbers.. Factors of search engines definition of target groups id and selection of the search words implementation control of objective segmentation of the search words layout of the display adjustment of the advertising campaign definition of the objectives fig.: process of search engine advertising.. Factors of search engine advertising within the framework local business seo packages of the search engine trade process some factors for the design and control of a search engine advertising campaign addressed. At this point, the furthest are briefly presented. In the course of the week the search volume increases from monday to saturday see the presentation at heukrodt-bauer.

In addition to those presented here the various providers offer the factors of influence other options. Figure gives an overview of the following are the factors involved in search engine advertising.. Advertiser advertising influencing influence factor fade in selection of search words match the search query with the search geographical selection linguistic selection temporal selection rank bid amount match the search query with the display and the target page from the point of view of the search engine approaches of click popularity click match the search query with the display from the view of the search engine design elements of the display conversion consistency of the expectation of the seeker with the design of internet appearance user friendliness of the internet presence select the destination page fig.: factors of search engine advertising the list of factors is based on the one already shown in figure described in a search engine advertising campaign. A variety of the design factors firstly influence the probability, that a display is switched at all. After switching the can be clicked and leads to the deposited one destination page. Subsequently, the landing page and the internet appearance are particularly affected the probability of the occurrence of a conversion.

To display an ad, the main decision is the selection of the relevant search words. The relevant search words are selected in dependent on the offer of the internet presence as well as on the goal and the target group of the search engine advertising campaign. Different method for identifying or generating search words, have already been discussed in section.. Addressed. Besides the selection of the search engines often offer the search engine degree of match between the searcher's search and the selected search words. Exact match ads are only displayed if the search is exactly the same specification.

This can be done, for example, with cryptic labels, such as technical products. In many cases, however, it is advantageous to use flexions of a single search word or to allow different word sequences of several search words. Design factors selection of search degree of agreement flexions and affordable local seo services word order.. Search engines a further possibility is to restrict the display circuit in the negative delimitation of individual search combinations. How to words that are not in combination with the given terms to the display circuit. The circuit of a display with meaning-related words carries the risk of an unintended.

The problem is, above all, when the display for search queries for a registered trademark will actually be mentioned without this term in the advertisement. The use of so- called place- holders, which can be applied to the integrated include click here search queries, unintentionally to advertise registered trademarks in the ad text. Another possibility is the target group in the context of the search engine advertising is the geographic seo local business orientation of the search engine campaign. Here, the location of the inquiry device is usually determined by means of the internet protocol (ip) address. When the user is in the destination region, the ad is served. The target region can, for example, be limited to individual countries.

It is problematic if the transmitted ip address does not reliably location. The language of the search person to be accepted can also be determined using the ip address, the domain of the search engine, and using browserand search engine settings. Thus, the search engine marketing campaign. In addition to the geographic limitation, it is also appropriate a temporal allocation of the advertising campaign. So can affordable local seo services the default a certain period, such as, for example, certain times of weekdays, provided that this period is the search time of the target group. In a study on search behavior on the internet the time period from pm to pm was identified as the daytime.